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Introduction to Computer Hardware – Learning Computers

August 4th, 2021

With the Internet bridging the gap and bringing customers and clients closer for a whole range of computer products, computer wholesale hardware business is growing at a rapid pace worldwide.

Overseas computer wholesale hardware vendors can be found on business to business web portals like or for trade. Selecting vendors and ordering computer parts across the world as far as China or Taiwan was never easier as it is now.

This has not only helped in reducing the cost of components, but it also has given an opportunity of a level playing field to mid sized computer wholesale hardware vendors in a market that was dominated by large players.

The vendors importing computer hardware in large quantities either sub-distribute the stock to various local retail vendors or sell directly to the customer. This cost benefit is either passed on to domestic customers in this cut throat competitive field or enables them to make a decent profit.

If you are a consumer, you can find domestic computer wholesale hardware vendors advertised in computer magazines or listed in directories on the Internet. If you plan to order computer hardware from a wholesale vendor to avail cost benefit, keep the following points in mind.

1. Always check what kind of replacement or repair warranty they have.

2. In case of a part failure, will they be sending an advance replacement as a standby?

3. Do not forget to add shipping and handling charges to the total cost, before jumping to order just by reading the low price of a product.

4. Most vendors have a separate address for handling faulty parts. Ask for their service address before you place the order.

5. Keep the invoices, at least, until the warranty period of the components is over.

6. Some times there are promotional schemes or discounts if you buy in more quantity. Take advantage of it if you have a few friends looking for computer parts.

7. Guard yourself against fraudulent deals. Be sure that the vendor you are dealing with is genuine. If the price sounds too good to be true, make sure to double check before ordering.

8. Once the computer parts arrive, you will have to install it yourself. If you are not confident ask a friend who knows how to do it or avail the services of a computer professional.

In short, finding wholesale vendors of computer hardware is not hard to do, but to find one that is honest and provides warranties on the items is the main goal. If they are offering you a ‘few bucks’ for something that is high quality and cannot be sold at that price without making a profit, then do not buy from them. As I said before, if the price is too good to be true, then do not buy it – for you might end up with a product that is far below what you expected.